Love: Friend or Enemy ?

About how young people react to love and the affects it has on people. Shown from a teenegers point of veiw (someone who went through the affects).


1. The Start of the End !

Picture this; you're sat on your bed without a care in the world, listenng to music. The sweet sound of the melody is makng every bone and muscle in your body tingle with joy and then the phone rings. You pick it up with a gentle touch expecting it to be the love of your life, the only thing in the world that gets you out of bed in the morning, but it's not: it's his mother. You immediately know something is wrong; there is a slight crack in her voice. Then the three words that you never wanted to hear escape her mouth, "He is missing!".  Suddenly every single one of your senses shut down and the world starts spinning at two hundred miles per hour. You just break down.

This happened to me, Amy Fields. I was only fourteen at the time. I would describe my self as timid and lacking in self-confidence but he was the one person who made the confidence in me light up like plug which has been exposed to water. He was absolutely perfect in every way possible. His hair is perfectly messed up, as if he doesn't put effort in but obviously does; nothing is like that without gel. He is all-round great in everything he does from sport to maths. This is why I missed him so much; he was perfect. After a couple of months people started  to notice all the expressiom I possessed had been totally drained from my weak, fragile body. People would wave and ask me how i was but I just ignored and carried on feeling sorry for myself in a way only I could describe. After a while I decided to take what courage and passion I had left and find out what happened to the man I loved and always would love. For weeks I thought and thought until my head hurt, until one afternoon I got a phone call off an unknown number. Then a voice answered, a voice that i thought I would never hear again. The voice sent sharp chills up my spine. It whispered "I'm fine sweet heart, live life and carry on without me," then the line went dead.

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