Can Mankind Love be real?

Poem about Love. But not just any Love!


1. Love - can it be real?

Love is real but not known,

For the few that feel it,

Abuse it; Missue it,

Many rely on mankind love,

Yet few reject it.


Once experienced,

Never forgotten.


Define real; Actually existing as something,

Why refuse it; reject it?

There is one,

One real love.


A love that can be rejected,

But won't Go away.

It surrounds you; knows you,

Feels you; breathes on you.


Is makind love real?

Real enough to be fake,

Real enough to be misunderstood,

but cannot be missed if shot.


People are often mistaken,

With the differences.

But why is it unclear?

Unclear because Love is Puzzle.

A gift greater than any other.




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