Dear Dad...

This is a poem about a relationship between a father and daughter. The Father suffers from depression and the daughter is trying to understand it.


1. Dear dad...

Dear Dad, 

I'm sorry for not understanding

But from the age of thirteen

I thought YOU were very mean

Maybe I was too demanding

but two days after my birthday you said you didn't want to see me no-more

This hurt. It was my worse day

All them years...for you; it must have been a chore.


Dear Dad... see me you refused

is the day my sky turned purple and black

like a huge angry bruise.

It felt like someone had hit me in the face...WHACK!

I grew more alert.

My love for you did turn to hate

How could you dessert your daughter-leave me in this state?


Dear dad...

Yes I did see you again after that

but it wasn't the same

Yes we had our little chats

but a phone call from you never came.

I was the one to ring you.


You didn't; still don't have a clue

No answer as usual...but that's fine.


Dear dad...

Did you know?

Walking to your old house- I spent my Saturdays

For you was it a spectacle...a show?

I knew you was in...but it doesn't matter ey

I didn't...still don't understand why

They said you was ill... poorly

I'd lay in bed at night and cry

but you can't be ill for over four years...surely?


Dear dad,

I was angry with frustration

Now you didn't answer your phone either!

But this led to my motivation

to do something with my life- be an achiever.

From then on I tried hard at school

Some of my mates would laugh

I saw education as a tool...

...a weapon to show you, but this idea was naff!


Dear dad,

I thought you was disappointed in me

So I wanted to make you proud.

My plan: Get the highest possible grades at G.C.S.E

But my head was in the clouds.

"Good" That is all you said

-you didn't seem that bothered

the tone of your voice I read.

The sum dimmed out; clouds covered.


Dear dad,

What I'm really trying to say is why?

What did I do wrong?

Do you hate me that much to not answer my questions... tell me the truth...

I will stay out of your life forever.

Why do you talk to me one minute and not the next?

I love you so much.

No words can explain

but the frustration, anger and the pain

of not knowing why?

takes charge like in a war

But if you do tell me will I want to hear it?

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