Those Three Words

A Valentines Poem~ #the reality


1. Those Three Words

Look at how the worlds gone grey,

I really stuck for words to say.

You punched a hole into my chest,

Looking back I should have guessed.


Overwhelming is what it was,

You said you left me...... just because.

As frozen tears scarred my face,

I felt my heart fade and erase.


Venting, sorrow, sickness, weak;

My emotion at its highest peak.

As you left from that open door,

My heart was crushed as it hit the floor.


'Everlasting' thats what you said,

You crossed your heart, now the feelings dead.

You said don't fret I am always here,

But you never wipe away my tears.

Now after all thats said and done,

You go off and have your fun...


Those three words will never leave my lips again.

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