A poem about a girl who confuses a boy through her actions


1. Confusion

Do you actually like me?

Or are you just messing about?

Well I like you alot

But in my mind you create doubt

You came and sat on my lap

You kissed me on my cheek

But when I put my arm around you

You resisted and made me feel weak

You've put confusion in my mind

But it doesn't change how I feel

Because if you were a statue

To you I would kneel

But you flirted with me

In front of all of my best mate

Now he keeps asking questions

How long will you make me wait?

You have felt something

When you danced with me in the hall

But when you resisted me later

It felt like a kick in the ball

So I only want to know

Is it hard for you too see

I'm offering myself up to you

Do you actually like me?

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