roses are red

This is a poem on a boy loving a girl but he doesn't have the courage to say anything. Hope you like it.


1. Roses are red

Roses are red,                                    

Voilets are blue,           

But why can't I,

Have the courage to tell you,

About my passion,

For your lovely smile,

It's by far the best,

I've seen for a while.

The way you walk,

The way you talk,

It makes me feel,

Like I stalk,

I only do it,

Because I love you,

Please realise this,

With your eyes so blue.

Your hair so blonde,

It shines like the sun,

But when you speak,

The world is stunned,

By your soft sweet voice,

That echos around me,

I love you so much,

Why can't you see?


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