Letting Go

Life can never last forever


1. Letting Go

Every day I travelled there. Felt the crunch of snow beneath my feet, or the summer sun beating on the nape of my neck, or the squelching mud as it splattered at my boots.

I dreaded the moment, I lived for it, I hated it, I longed for it.

Seeing her come into view was always the hardest part. Solitary, she stood proudly in the centre of the courtyard, facing the rising sun. I knew then that she was at peace; I could sense it the second I saw her.

I looked down at the three white roses I held in my hands; a symbol of friendship. I gave her three white roses every day. Was it enough? Did she know how much we loved her? I hope so.

Settling myself onto the hard ground beside her I breathed a sigh of relief as I could tell this was the day. Everybody told me it would come. It's taken four years, forty four weeks, and six days. But I know I have to say goodbye. Closing my eyes I tilted my head back towards the clouds. I searched my mind to find the memory I had tried so hard to forget. I saw her lying at the base of the cliff, her arm twisted behind her head, her face pressed uncomfortably into the sand, blood trickling from her pale lips. I took a deep breath in and blew it out slowly, letting the wind take my memory with it.

I felt it drifting away, taking a huge burden with it. I let her go.

After minutes of just breathing in the warm autumn air, I stood and turned to go. I turned one last time to place a single kiss on top of the grave where she lay.

Sister, I forgive you.


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