Like a bad song lyric the phrase 'its 3am' stuck in my head for maybe seven days until i wrote this.


1. 3am

Let's call it dividing by zero

Let's call it stalling for time

Im crawling inside myself

It don’t make sense



I know your disease

I feel the pain

I know you're lonely

I know you are deranged


Because the morning after scared but the night before was good

The bullet holes in the night sky tell me to stay in this world

Its 3am and you didn't wait up for me to come home

By 10am i may as well by dead with a shot of whiskey in my head



I pretend that work is why im not home

That im staying in late for more money

But i blow it all in poker and drink

And then i let you think


That i care for your disease

That i am the one standing in the rain

Knight in jaded armour and a blood red cowl

Jumping for your joy



Because walking home is wearing me down i might sleep on the ground

I feel better in the gutter next to trash and god knows what else

Its 3am and you wonder will i be home to night

By 10am i am wondering is life worth the fight  

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