Crawling over sun rays in our best clothes and worst socks

I'm not sure what it is supposed to be. The title was something i thought off drifting off to sleep.


1. Crawling over sun rays in our best clothes and worst socks

Killing fields

Purple grass

It sways like a sea

Bedding so clear i see your breath collect

I suspect you love me

I suspect the sun loves this



I recognise

Your smile

The scrunched nose

The closed eyes


The nights last longer

We might never be again

We could end tomorrow

Borrowing love we live in eternal sorrow


An attempted murder of crows

A black cat passing

We could have all the bad luck in the world

But the grass on our bare feet

The shade of the tree we hold each other under

The little shed we hide in to get away from lighting and thunder



All of this tells me clearly

I am the luckiest man alive

Thirteen days, or years together

Broken mirrors

Cracks in the pavement

Nothing will break us

Seven years bad luck is not so bad when you are this alive



Here i stand

Im almost gone

When were almost done

Left in sand

We are the ones to stay

Im always here looking for another way  

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