Bus stop girl

Half biographical half fiction. Real life doesn't have happy endings, or such extremes, but there is an element of reality to this little story.


1. Bus stop girl

Another day, i didn’t think much of it, it would be over and i would fall asleep when i got home, achieve nothing, but i didn’t care, if i get through this week I've only got to suffer through sixteen more before that sweet six weeks holiday.

I didn’t catch breakfast, i ate at school. I pecked my mom on the cheek and walked towards the bus stop. As always it was empty, badly spelled graffiti and the smell of drink becoming so familiar to me that if they were changed i would actually miss them. No one but school children got up at this ungodly hour. I checked i had my bus pass, i did. And i stood there in the cold listening to my iPod for a good fifteen minutes before a bus came into view. I wasn't wearing my glasses, so i was playing Russian roulette on whether or not it was my bus.


It was. So this time i dint get the funny look from the bus driver. I climbed on to the more or less empty bus. The only other people on it were weird Steve who lived on my road and tried to sell me salt and pepper shakers from the back of his house, and a few elderly women. I sat far from everyone else.

I don’t like people by me on the bus, it annoys me, it's like their leeching off my thoughts. My reaction when the bus stopped and a young woman got on was like all other times someone got on the bus. 'for the love of god don’t sit next to me'. But she did, ignoring all empty seats, she chose me so to speak. She wasn't ugly. She had long red hair in a ponytail and wasn't unattractive. She was dressed like a nurse and her badge said Sophie.


We sat in silence, and for the rest of the journey we looked forward, but i occasionally stole a glance at her, not sure why, it was something i couldn’t help. I caught her doing the same though. When my stop came i was relieved, i got up and she got up as well and let me though. She smiled and i returned it and for about five seconds we shared an odd moment that i can't quite describe.



The next morning was the same i got up. I had some toast. Kissed mom good bye and caught the bus. I sat there and i thought to myself. 'will i see Sophie again?'. I didn’t think i would. So you can imagine my surprise when she walked up the bus and sat next to me again. Once again ignoring empty seats. This time i was kind of relieved. She sat next to me and i felt content.


The same thing continued for the week. Over that time i felt more and more compelled to sit by her. We never spoke once. We didn’t need to; the smiles we made as we parted ways each day said all that needed to be said. On the weekend i begged my mom to let me get a haircut. My excuse was that i was tired of washing it every night, but really i did it for Sophie. Something in new was desperate to impress her. I had my hair cut and i got some new glasses and hen i saw her that morning, the corners of her mouth arched up ever so slightly and my heart hop skipped and jumped into my stomach.



My reaction to Sophie wasn't typical. I didn’t look at her and see a pair of breasts; i didn’t see long legs brimmed with a miniscule skirt. I saw her. Her eyes and the way she smiled absentmindedly.


Tuesday she had styled her hair, it was shorter and curled around her face, she looked nicer. It was my time to smile my approval. I don’t remember a time when i was so eager to get up and on this bus. We sat in silence, as we always did. But the world seemed brighter. Now when i saw my stop i wasn't reluctant to get off because i had school, but because i didn’t get to ride with Sophie. I was about to press the button but she did it for me, she got up and let me past. She shared smiles again.



Wednesday was bad, more than bad, horrific. I got up and looked at the clock and nearly died. I had slept in, my bus would be here any second. Without thought i threw on my clothes, hurtled down the stairs and out the house. The bus was gone before i got there. I cursed loudly and harshly. Letting the entire street know just how angry i was. I hadn’t just missed the bus i had missed her.


Thursday i set my alarm an hour early so i would get on the bus on time. I watched her walk up to me. She didn’t smile. Her face was accusing 'where were you?' and i wanted to explain, but we didn’t speak. Instead i told her with my eyes. We sat in a silence less comfortable than the last ones. It felt like we were a couple after a fight, hell, we were a couple after a fight. I stood her up and i have to make it better. She pressed stop for me, but this time it was as if to say 'get out' rather than 'goodbye'. I thought i had blown it with her.



Friday, end of the week. I had made a decision, i was going to get up early and walk to her bus stop and reconcile with her there. If there was anything to reconcile. It took a long time to figure out the root. My mum probably wondered where i was. But about three minutes before the bus was due i saw the stop. She was standing there. Pretty, in the weak sunlight she glowed bright. I stood next to her and closed my eyes. My heart was beating in my throat.. She turned to me and smiled, i smiled back. It dawned on me. I had nothing to say. I opened my mouth and she did as well, and in unison we spoke.




We laughed. Hers was a delicate sound. She brushed a stray hair from her face. We didn’t say anything more. We didn’t need to, in the past week everything we could ever need to say had been thought. Her hand in mine we got on the bus, we missed our stops. We didn’t get off until we were far away from our normal lives. For a day we belonged to each other.

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