Looking for Love

The Diary of Isabel Ranson. A 14 year old girl looking for love. When she meets Will Breaker, she is convinced her life is complete. When Harry Stillings III comes into her life, Isabel becomes confused. Will Isabel find what she is looking for?


1. January

January 2nd

I’m 14 today. Mum says it’s about time I grew up. I don’t feel any different than I did yesterday. I guess that’s just me. My parents gave me a guitar and this diary for my Birthday which is funny as I am not musical (I sound like a toad with tonsillitis when I sing) and I don’t write out of school at all. Well, except for New Years resolutions. I haven’t decided on mine yet. I guess I’ll have to get thinking.

January 5th

New Years Resolutions Practise my guitar every day Write in my diary at least once a week Try hard at school Try not to get into too much trouble Fall in love.

Yes, it’s true. Isabel Ranson is going to fall in Love.

January 8th

No luck. I guess it will take time. I’ve told Emily about my plans. She didn’t share my enthusiasm. “Are you mad? It’s impossible for you to fall in love, you’re so picky about everything.” Picky? I’ll show her…

January 13th

Uuurrrggghhhh! As you might have guessed, still nothing. I mean, there’s a difference from liking someone to loving them. I’m confused. I love my Mum and Dad, but surely it must be different when you fall in love. I love Emily, but I’m not in love with her. This New Years resolution won’t last long at all.

January 17th

Finally, something. A spark. Not much, I admit, but that can change. Will Breaker, the new boy.  Unfortunately, it’s not just me. All the girls in school claim they are in love with him.

January 23rd

Still not much. I’ve tried talking to him. Whenever I open my mouth he seems to just walk away. I’m not giving up yet. I’m determined!  

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