The definition

This poem is my Valentines competition entry and hopefully explains the true definition of love :)


1. The Definition

Love is gifted.

It can't be denied.

You can't fool yourself, even if you tried.


The word is bandied around and used in vain,

Most unconsciously knowing that true love is not the same.


It's as clear as day,

As true as a clock,

As deep as the sea and sturdy as rock.


Unconditionally present,

Not a worded necessity,

Portrayed as commitment, carried out in sincerity.


Love is meant for forever,

But when it is lost,

Those it embraced must pay the cost

For sliding out of an eternal grasp,

Making one think it was their last.


The Sparrow flies, the river flows -

Carrying on like nobody knows

That his arrow struck but did not stay,

As the one it hit, removed it and brushed it away.


The true definition of the emotion called love,

Is knowing that the one who shares this feeling,

Will be half of your heart until it stops beating.


So with my hands upturned towards the sky,

Dare I hide? Dare I lie?

Trying to deny what helps tie this world together

Will linger for now, next year and forever.

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