The tale of Amelia Smith

Amelia thinks she's being haunted by a ancient teddy that she has been forced to keep.

Is she really safe?


1. Bedtime

It was a dark night when it happened. the clock struck twelve when I realised nothing was as it seemed...

"Amelia Bedtime!" shouted Mum from downstairs in the kitchen. "ok night!" I shouted back. As I was turning off my iPod and tidying my room and putting my school uniform in the wash I swear I heard movement from my floral but old springy bed. When I looked round the teddy what my mum forced me to keep was staring straight at me tilted at an angle. Without paying any attention I screamed. "Amelia are you ok?!" Mum said running upstairs panicking like hell. "Yeah, sorry" I mumbled back still looking at the teddy. "Right" Mum said embarrased. As she marched down the stairs I felt confused and lost so I decided to pretend that that didn't happen. When I went to bed I shivered when I saw that the freaky teddy bear was in my bed like nothing happened, it's like it acted how I thought, without even thinking I thrown it across my bedroom and hid underneath my duvet too frightened to look back up.

When Saturday came I woke up at 9:30 still zombified and blinded by any source of light. I was relieved by the fact that the teddy was where it was last night when I chucked it, even though I was scared to death by it I gave it a hug like I was saying sorry. "Amelia for gods sake wake UP!" Mum screamed from the Kitchen. "I am UP!" I shouted back. When I stomped down the stairs I saw that Dad was back from his trip to Florida for buissness and geeky stuff. "Hey Dad" I said casually. "Hi Princess" He said back giving me hug. "Right no time for dilly dallying playing happy families Amelia CAN YOU DO THE DISHWASHER!!!!" Mum screamed again. "Ok, Ok" I huffed back as I walked into the kitchen.

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