A sonnet for My Love

A sonnet to show the deep love and affection one woman has for her husband who is away at war. He dies. This sonnet shows her recolection of what had been and what is to be. I wrote this sonnet in a shakespearian style to capture the depth of passion and the true romance of the thing that we call love.


1. A sonnet for My Love

Thou art more handsome than the morning bird

song, and more shrewd than the fire ablaze

in thy chest. Caress my soul and embrace

My limp body, as thou art my luxury,

my breath.As thou, my love, tincts thy breast. Thine

kiss sculpts thy ripe lips as if thou were cloaked

in power. My heart leaches for thine embrace.

Thou heavenly prince thy greet in this

despondent hour. Thy coil in thine absence

for thy fancy thou quaint touch. Come back from

acute contest. My compassion intrenchmented**,

thy love will never relinquish. My heart

still yearns for thou, as thou breathes thine last.

Tell me not that this was sorrow, but love that lasts.


**intrenchmented - cannot be cut (shakespearian dictionary)

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