This is a poem about a girl who was heart broken, who was left stranded all alone.


1. Stranded

When I gaze at you with admiration, At your perfection and elegance, I can never stop my appreciation, Of your angelic excellence.

My heart skips a beat, As our lips almost meet, I sensed a sudden hesitation, I managed to control my temptation.

Wondering what went wrong, Thinking where I belong, Is it with you? Or is it with him? I feel like a fish learning to swim.

The colour of embarrassment; red, Soon altered into a threatening dread, He started strolling away, Almost leaving me as I was astray.

He broke my heart and all that was remaining, Not thinking about me or my complaining, But... There I was all alone, Stranded... Not even sympathy was shown.

Stranded... That one single droplet, collided against my skin, Stranded... I vowed I will seek revenge, determined more than I've ever been.

Stranded...all alone.





Stranded...all alone.

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