Love With Hate

what love is like with hate right there at the same time.


1. love and hate

Love is for those who are concerned

Hate is for those who wish bad

Friends are folks who will be close by till the last part

Parents are individuals to say never do bad

You said you loved me because you are concentred

But at the same moment in time you said you dislike me

Till the time you are there I will always be protected

Why do you make me loose it?

Make me upset?

Make me shed tears?

Make me wanting to pass away?

Despite this you say u love me

Then u fools around with my heart

And sooner or later tear it all

You told me you would always love me

I believed it was a fact

I will forever love you no matter what happens

This may not be the truth

Even though until the end of time you will not turn me down.

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