Cyclical dreams and head over heel delights

Some crap i wrote the other day.


9. Crimson Lane

Returned with a kiss to the wrist

Walking with a limp

No, i don't think its blood

But it is has red

Misleading vibe

A flower petal like razors on his palm

Dark eyes look to tired

He wants to run to your side

But he can't track blood inside the house

At least you think its blood

It looks black in the night

Like an pure ichor on his coat

He knocks and you lie in wait

Does he know you are their

Is that an axe in his hand?

Why does everything look sinister?

On crimson lane

Why do people have a shadow

In their minds?

You unlatch the door

Your heart flutters

Hands shaking

You try to remain Calm

Then he looks to you

Flowers in his left hand

Smile on his face

You feel bad for being scared

What is it about this place?

That makes it seem so dark

On crimson lane

You see nothing but pain

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