Valentine's Day

I have never under stood why valentines day was invented, so heres a poem about my thoughts on the day


1. Valentine's Day

On this Valentine's day

I have realized I must reveal

How I truly feel

About Valentine's Day.


Valentine's Day!

The day when love is celebrated;

Gifts and words of love reverberated.

Oh but how am I to say

How much you love me

By what you give me?

And how are you to judge

How much I love you

By what I buy you?


Can money and gifts

Really contemplate

The true value of love?

Can cards and chocolates

And dinner in a fancy restaurant

Really tell you

That your love is all I want?


Oh it is such a pity!

How love has been reduced

To a petty exchange

Of the material objects of wealth.


Would you love me less

If I were unable to gift you-

Or take you out-

On this one insignificant day?


Or would you love me more

If I gave you

A box of expensive Patchi

Or took you to a vivacious ball?


Is this to mean

That a rich man may find true love,

And a poor man

May find none?


This Valentine's Day

I've realized I must convey

How I really feel

About Valentine's Day!


Love is not less or more

By spending abundant amounts of money

Or none at all.

Love is but a feeling alone

A sense of understanding and trust,

Maybe more-

Something that cannot be defined

By the actions of a day

But something that is said and done

All along the way....

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