A weak soul

Sasha was a quiet girl from a small town in Italy. Her life was perfect until the day that her father passed away...


1. Because there was no light at the end of the tunnel

She was standing on the edge of Pearson's cliff, staring out at the horizon as the sun set and the grey clouds diffused into the far East. She looked down at the remains of an Italian city, that had once stood tall and proud but was now nothing but dust and ruins.

She had often thought of this moment, how it would feel to die. It would be a sudden death, painful but sudden.One jump and it would all be over. A part of her wanted to stop her and told her not to jump, screaming at her to give life a second chance....but she was too broken...mutilated and pierced beyond the point of forbearing. It felt as though her heart had been ripped out and crushed and torn. She had begun to lose what was left of her mind

Her legs were beginning to shake and she realized she should do what she must before she somehow talked herself out of it. So: she took a deep breath and flung herself out into the air. Her stomach was somersaulting and the soles of her feet had that tingly sensation one often feels when in fear. She closed her eyes before she hit the ground. There was a fiery blast of pain as her spine snapped in half. And it was over... it was all over..

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