Forbidden love...

It was a shocker...I couldn't believe it. Now this is what you would call...forbidden love


1. Is he the one 4 me?

     Well let me first introduce myself. I'm Susan, aged 15 and with split with my mum and step-dad and my long-lost brother with my dad. But thats something I didnt know til...


     "MUM!!! I'm going now!," I yelled.

"Okay darling! Don't be late again today."

I nodded my head frantically, slammed the door shut and made my way to school when I saw our new neighbours. I hadn't seen them yet but my step-dad had said it was just  a man and his son...probably a year or two older than me perhaps.The guy seems pretty cute and I really am in the mood of a boyfriend now! Well lets see!

     I walked past him pretending not to notice him.

"Um, hey! You go Damehill high? Do you mind me walking with you?," he asked me.

I started to blush but obviously couldn't refuse a cute guy. " Yeah, sure!

He joined me by my side and we started walking. I couln't help smile when his arm brushed against mine!

"So what's your name?,"he asked me.

" Susan! What's yours?"

" I'm Nathan. So how old are you exactly?"

"15, you?"


Sadly,the rest of the time it was quite silent. But We''ll talk someday like good old friends...maybe he could be the one for me. I stopped as I reached my class " Well we're here! So see ya round, here's my class!

"Yeah you too"

I watched as he walked away...he was gorgeous! I could just feel the chemistry between us! But I couldn't help feeling I'd seen him before somewhere...



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