Forever Young

When Idris stumbles across an abandoned warehouse strange things start to happen


2. Ghostly Happenings

Suddenly the light came on, Idris looked round the room was empty there was just some desks and other things that you would find in a kitchen. It was all very old, Idris went over to a desk filled with plates and cups, she touched each item carefuly trying not to break anything. A noise came from outside another door at the other side of the room, Idris walked over slowly and carefuly, she pushed the door and it opened creaking. Idris stepped through and she was in darkness again, she searched her pockets for her mobile but it wasnt there.

"I've left it on the hill! Lucky I have a torch in my bag" she said to herself quietly, she tried to get her bag but it wasnt there, she let out a sigh of annoyance and the lights came on, just like they did in the main room. She looked down the long corridor and there at the end was her bag, she ran to it and looked through, her torch was still in there. She felt something touch her shoulder as she turned nobody was there, she was getting more scared by the minute.

"Whats going on here?" Idris asked herself as she slowly stood up, looking round for any sign of life but there was nothing, she was all alone in the warehouse, but at the same time she wasnt.

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