Forever Young

When Idris stumbles across an abandoned warehouse strange things start to happen


1. The Warehouse

||Authors note:  I was watching Doctor Who when i came up with the name



Idris sat under a tree in the shade staring up at the fluffy clouds, she sighed and lay down. She looked round and saw a warehouse, she had noticed it before but this time she was intrigued by it. She wanted to go and explore, so she got up not realising she had left her mobile behind on the hill. As she got closer and closer to the warehouse she started getting slower. Her dark brown hair dangled in front of her face, she pushed it back and hooked it behind her ear. As she stood outside the giant oak door she stopped, a chill went down her spine like somebody walked over her grave. She looked back as she thought she heard somebody step on a twig. 

"Hello?" she called out, no answear, she shrugged and walked through the massive oak doors, she looked left nothing, she looked right nothing, she looked up nothing, she looked down nothing. Just darkness and she couldnt hear anything except her deep slow breaths. For the first time in her life she was scared, she took a step forward and the floorboards creaked, she jumped back scared still. Something fell and Idris whipped round as fast as light, she still saw nothing. There was something about the warehouse that gave her chills but she just didnt know what made her feel that way.

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