New Girl

A story about a young girl who moves and comes to a new school and is very scared she doesn't fit in with anyone


3. Last Day

It got to much.

The bullying increased.

I was the school punchbag.

I had bruises everywhere.

I cried myself to sleep every night.

It was so painful.

I hated my school.

I hated my house.

I hated my life.

So I decieded on something.

I went out to the cliffs.

I walked across them to the edge.

I looked down into the crashing waves.

I gulped as I just jumped.

The waves welcomed me.

They took me out far out.

I didnt care.

They sliced against my skin.

Like knives.

Until everything just stopped.

I was gone.

Gone from the world.

Nobody cared.

I go back and see my family.

Of course they cant see me.

I'm just an echo.

Now they're moving again.

Leaving me behind.

As they will always do.

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