I love you

A representation about one's intense love and desire for their betrothed expressed in the form of a poem.


1. I love you


From the moment we met, oh i knew.

There was something special lying in you.

You are my princess, you are my queen. Our future ahead is yet unseen.

My love flies, as your beauty multiplies.

You are an immortal goddess hidden in disguise.


God made you as a work of art,

And translated you to the language of my heart.

A million thoughts i play in my head, When we grow old i pray we are wed.

Without you i have no identity, or even a point to my entity.

So you will be mine. Eventually.


A tattoo of your name, across my heart.

With you in my life only then will it start,

In sickness and in health 'till death do us part.


When i'm falling apart you are my glue,

And when i'm dying inside, you will rescue.

A future without you, i would gladly undo.


Just remember,

I love you.

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