A Girl Called Charlotte

"I was finally engulfed in darkness and silence. I couldn't see or hear or feel anything. I was dead."

Charlotte is a woman in her twenties who's car crashes into a river. As she die's over she revisits key points in her life that have made her who she is.


1. Chapter 1

For a moment I was flying. The experience should have been exhilarating but it was terrifying. The car flew through the air as a scream passed through my frozen lips. The world seemed to slow down to an almost complete halt until the car hit the water. It was like I had driven into a brick wall. My body flew forward with the sudden stop. I heard a crack as my face slammed into the wheel sending the horn to blare out its annoying hoot.

I sat up clutching my nose as it oozed blood. The world span, objects seemed to be doubled. As everything stopped spinning I realized the water was gushing into the car. In a panic I punched my window but it would not break. I cried for help, begging for someone to save me but my calls for help could not be heard. I tried the handle furiously tugging it in an attempt to escape. The car was sinking beneath the water. It was almost submerged. Tear ran down my cheeks.

"Please...please..." I sobbed banging on the window again

That is when I saw the person pull up on the side of the river bank. Then the person got out the car and slid down the muddy in-embankment wadding towards me, but it was to late. I pressed my face against the roof of the car taking in all the air I could. There was little time left for me, as my life line ran dry. The murky water clouded my eyes. I began to bang on the window, though it would be no use to me now. The water rushed into my throat as I gasped for air. It burnt my lungs and nose. I tried to kick or swim but my arms had already begun to feel like lead. My vision began to fade the blackness closed in on me as I desperately tried to break free.

I was finally engulfed in darkness and silence. I couldn't see or hear or feel anything. I was dead. The light lay just at the end of the tunnel I told myself, but there was only the black emptiness. I thought about my family and friends. I thought of Anastasia my sweet little girl with crystal blue eyes and soft mousse brown hair who would never see her mother again. I thought how Kate ,my best friend through thick and thin, would handle this. I thought how Oscar, who was another close friend would handle my death. Then I thought of Peter how could he cope with a small daughter on his own when without me he was lost. I then thought how my fate became to be.

It was spring 1990. End of term, spring break. I was traveling east, to California for the holidays. I was traveling with Kate.

"Come on Charlotte where going to miss our flight" Kate moaned "I told you Kate I don't like flying..." I said shyly.

"Well tough luck my parents paid so were going" she dragged me through gate 6.

My heart rate began to rise. I could feel the thudding inside my head. Repeating over and over again as we walked onto the plane. I took my seat next to Kate leaving the aisle seat free. Kate looked over at me an rolled her eyes.

"Don't look so scared its fun flying"

"If man was meant to fly they'd have evolved wings" I replied tensely.

I wasn't ready for this. The last few passengers where boarding.

"Is she OK?" I heard some say next to me.

I was expecting a flight attendant but instead in the aisle seat sat a tall brown haired and turquoise eyed man. He must have been at least 17 or even 18. His accent was unmistakably Australian.

"She's fine she just doesn't like flying." Kate said leaning over me to talk to the man

"Oh well that doesn't sound fine to me" He turned to face me as Kate sat up straight "What's your name sheila?"

"Charlotte" I said shyly

"Well Charlotte I'm Peter" He smiled broadly at me

Something made me smile back, I wasn't sure what it was. Was it trust? Kindness? Or even Love?

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