Chasing Memories

Lonely and unhappy, Serena begins to delve into the depths of her mind to find the memories which made her happy. But the more time she spends looking back, the less she spends looking forward and gradually she finds herself losing the grasp on what's real.


2. Dreaming

Slipping my hand delicately into his, I smiled and took a step forward, feeling more confident with him by my side. Every step I took, my head got higher and my breathing slower. Taking a quick glance out of the corner of my eye, his beauty astounded me and I faltered for a second. He noticed and gently turned towards me, a smile playing at the corner of his lips. Without a word he leant forward; so close I could feel his breath warm on my cheek. Ever so slowly he pressed his lips to mine, softly, lovingly; I never wanted him to stop. But he did; pulling away to look me directly in the eyes, he opened his mouth to say the words I longed to hear, but before he could speak I felt myself getting pulled away, dragged further away from his beautiful face. I screamed and pulled, and tears flowed down my cheeks endlessly, but nothing helped. I reached out, trying to find something to hold onto. But I knew it was ending. Finally I succumbed to the real world, and closed my eyes with a longing sigh.

Her green eyes fluttered open, and as they did, a single tear escaped from the corner, trickling down onto her pillow. She didn't move for a moment, just lay still and let her eyes wander over the cracks in her ceiling. Slowly, she raised her head and swung her legs over the side of the bed. Each movement slow and deliberate, as if she was waking from a dream. But it was no dream. It was a memory. And this one had been one of her favourites. Each time she let herself back into it, it became more real. She could smell more, see more, hear each bird singing its morning melody. Sighing with frustration, she pulled herself up quickly and pressed her hand down firmly onto the alarm clock. She needed to get rid of that thing. She'd been interrupted right in the middle of her memory, which meant today was not going to be a good day. No one knew why. No one could understand why she needed that hour a day to forget this world and enter her own. A world of happier times where she felt loved and where she didn't long to be alone. Sometimes she had considered locking herself in a room, closing her eyes and never returning. Living the best bits of her life, over and over, until reality no longer had a grasp on her. She had considered it. But she knew, that leaving reality behind would be breaking her promise.

Her promise to him.

And that was something she could never do.

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