A Love Story

There is this man who in love with this woman but she has a boyfriend and once he leaves her they run off and then they get married and then they have babies.


1. The Beginning

There was a man, named Sean. He was an ordinary man, like everyone else, but there was this one woman in particular that he loved, and her name was Lauren. The problem with this relationship was that she already had a boyfriend. He showed his love towards her, but she wasn't interested. It all started off in a cafe in New York where he was having a cup of coffee. When he saw her, he looked at her as if she was a star. After that, her boyfriend walked through the door and he thought that he would never be able to go out with such a pretty girl like her. He left without a second thought and walked away. He reached his apartment feeling stunned that he just walked away from the one he loved. Sean sprinted back to the cafe and luckily enough she was still there. To his delight her boyfriend had just gone to the toilet. This was his chance! Immediately he walked over and said to her," Will you go on a date with me." Lauren stunned, took a minute to think and said, " Of course he's getting on my nerves anyway." They quickly sprinted off and by the time her old boyfriend had come out of the toilet, all that was left on the table was the bill. Not only was he gobsmacked, but he was absolutely furious. Sean took Lauren back to his apartment and they had a chat, took each other’s phone numbers and said goodnight to each other and Lauren left. This was about to be Sean’s best day of his life so far. He went around to Lauren’s house as a surprise and they had a cup of coffee and after a while Sean got down on one knee.... and said, “WILL YOU MARRY ME.”Lauren was gobsmacked and was so happy.. She said “YES.” Sean jumped up and down and ran out of the door to tell his friends the good news. The day of the wedding was a big one, and once they said those words they were so happy and delighted. They had their reception and at 11:00pm everyone had gone and they went back to Sean’s apartment. Once they reached the airport they went to check in. They were on their way to the Maldives. They got their baggage on the conveyor belt and they were on the plane no problem whatsoever. They reached the Maldives and it was empty due to the world’s financial crisis, but they still had a great time. Once they got to the hotel they had a lay down after a long day. Sean hid behind the cupboard and when Lauren came up to the cupboard he shouted, “BOO!” She fell and banged her head and they went to see the doctor. After a long time of waiting the doctor came back with the results and said, “Your heads fine, but from our scans this shows that you’re pregnant.” They were shocked. They went to the hospital for a check up back in England to see if she was actually pregnant, and she was told she was. They were shocked and went off to celebrate (no alcohol). After nine months of bliss she was in labour and after a few tense hours he arrived and that was a magical moment. The day the baby boy arrived, they called him John Jay Stewart-McDonald. They have enjoyed a happy life together so far and have had some brilliant memories. This was the start of their wonderful times together.  

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