Love poem

This is about a girl who remembers her past, and the boy who hurt her. This poem is how she moved on...who she met.


1. The past is the future lies ahead.

I left the world behind,

I left it to be,

I left the world behind,

So I could be me.


My heartbreak aside,

My love in the gutter,

It's time to become a new girl,

Not one behind the shutters.


Sometimes I wish that it hadn't come to this,

Other times I'm glad that he threw that dish.

The fact is;

He left me,

One way or another,

I'm at the end of one past,

And its time to find a new lover.


One that won't hurt me,

One who is kind,

One who keeps my feelings to mind.


The old one,

He hurt me,

Yes, that is true,

But I'm through with the old.

I'm into the new.


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