Seven seas of love (...and other poems.)

Words written to piece together, what a certain someone broken and left.


1. Seven seas of love.

Stars are staring down at us,

Our love is deeper than this sea.

All quiet 

From the bottom of this ocean

To the very top of these sky-high waves,

We are dancing with the winds.


Embrace me in your cold, soft arms

Let me know

that though one cannot save oneself,

one can save another,

who's also lost in these blue depths

We are dancing with the winds.


We both know,

if you let me go now

I will disappear into someone elses fog

stronger, stranger,

deeper, much darker than yours

but no, we are dancing with the winds.


My love for you

Your love for me

All in one

This is all I need

Like water, like air

We are dancing with the winds.

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