this story is about a 15yr old boy called ben. He is quite a nerd and has a friend oliver. He has to write a school newspaper article about someone. Who will it be? Will it turn into a complete mess or a great article to make Ben popular. Read the book to find out


1. The begining

School day. It's tuesday. The day of boring lessons. But today wasn't as boring as all the other tuesdays. I'll tell you in a little while why it isn't as boring as any other day so lets.....begin


My name is Ben and I am 15 years old. Living with my mum and my dog hurcules. The reason I'm not living with my dad is because he is in hospice with cancer. He has liver cancer and brain cancer. But life happens, begins and ends so soon is his end. Anyway lets move on. I am quite a nerd, not popular, weak and I always correct people. Always! Ican't help it. There is three other people you may need to know. Daisy. She is VERY popular, beautiful, she's not overly smart but she is arty. Now, my best friend, Oliver.I have known him since we was born. He is basically the same as me. We started a club to help people how are not ver umm smart. And one more person, Sophia. She is definatily not smart, she copies Daisy with a lot of things and hangs with Daisy. You'll get to know the rest as we go along. Lets probaly start.

So, I am in school. My head master told me he wants to speak to me. I really do not know why so I'll g there now.

"Hello, Mr.Crimson. You wanted to speak to me. Am I  in trouble?"

"No, Ben popkins. It is actually a good thing. I need you to write an article about someone in the school. This will be in the school's newspaper."

"Of course I'll d-"

"You have 1 week to pick and write the article. I mean pick the correct person for the article."

"Okay, I'll go straight away, I will not let you down!"

So yes, that is the reason today is not boring. I am off to find someone intesting. Someone who people are interested in. Someone........Daisy! She is popular, interesting and people will want to read about her. So I should find her. Okay, it is lunchtime. She wil be where the populars are. The port! Its where they all eat their lunch. It will be hard because im not alloed there cause obviously im a nerd. So, here, I, go. I am coming up to the port and Jon and Steve try to stop me from coming in.

"HEY. No coming onto the port. Only populars you're not ppular are you?"

"NO I am not. I need to talk to Daisy.'


"Hello, Daisy. I have some good news for you. I am writing a news paper article abiut you. Is that okay? We will need to meet up afetr school all week because i only have 1 week."

"OKAY! Meet me after school by the gates. Don't be late. We will go to my place. Now go."


Oliver has seen me talking to Daisy and he has his wow I am really surprised face on. I no what he is going to burst out with. "WHY WAS YOU SPEAKING TO DAISY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"

I new he was going to say that.

"Mr.Crimson told me I have to write a newspaper article for the school about someone here. And i chose Daisy because she is popular and people will want to read about her. But I only have a week to write it so we are meeting after school everyday and at lunch, break, before school and at the weekend."

"So helping and tutoring club is canceled?"

"Yes. I have to go now and prepare."

"Okay I will just find someone else to do the club with because if you don't remember they students there have a test in three days so it is really important to them!"



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