Rainbow Warrior

hallo im a Rainbow Warrior and i want to tall abut the Rainbow warrior


1. The Rainbow Warrior

Hi my name is Helena and im a Rainbow warrior and they love animals and nature and the will fight for the animals and nature! do you don't want to save the animals and the nature animals need the nature too live and the nature need we! it´s just 3.500 tiger in the wild and it is 15.000 Jaguar in the wild. they have family's too and friends too just like we they cant talk like os but they can talk to each other okey! You will not be happy if we will just shot you mom or you friend or something you will cry and be so mad at os just like the animals they love there friends and baby´s oki think abut what they are doing to the animals and what you are doing to the nature you are taking it down for house holds and to last we don´t have nature because we have taking it down! i love animals and nature and my best friends too we will fight for the animals and nature for ever. IF YOU WILL KILL A ANIMAL YOU ARE A MONSTER !!!!!!!!!!!

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