Winter Crisis

I wrote this when I was in primary school, and my writing skills weren't as developed then as they are now, so please excuse all mistakes and poor pieces of writing, and notify me of them if they bother you.
The ENTIRE movella is copied from the word document I wrote it in, so some fo the paragraphs may not be paragraphs anymore.
Northana has frozen over! In a rush to evacuate, Lydia loses her way and encounters a prison. There she meets Heather, a nine-year-old girl who hasn't seen her family in years. Together, they escape and vow to set things right.


1. Wonderland

Cold, wet and torn apart, Northana was once a wonderland, fluffy white snow and a cool breeze. The tiny old-fashioned huts gave away a welcoming warmth to all who neared its doorstep. A large population wondered here and there for several hours and then set off for the oral lake just in time for the fisherman’s giving.

The whole region was happy but there was one particularly happy family, the Cadmans. Emma, Jess, Melissa, Stephen, James and Marie. Emma and Jess were born in Mullbary with Stephen, Melissa was born in Summertown, and James and Marie were born in Colchester. They lived in a large house, full of bright curtains and rich coloured tapestries, dotted here and there throughout the hallways and corridors. Life was quite easy for the Cadmans.

Bluntly, actions slowed, the temperature collapsed and people either dropped like flies or were raining and pouring in on other places. The bright white clouds were threatened by thick, black, heavy bushes! That’s how the trauma started. This is how it happened. “Hurry, hurry, hurry! We must get out of here. Kara! In! Marie, Hali, Molly, come on! Lydia! Lydia! Lydia? Where are you?”

Full of fear, Lydia ran and ran and ran for her life! Never looking back! Not thinking about anything apart from dreaming that one day she would be safe again. Her mind wandered from safety to food and drink also games and television. It drove her mad! Insane! Her head said “Yes! Yes!” her heart said” No! No! I want to be with my mum and friends!” When she lifted her head she saw her surroundings. It was more than she had imagined! It was great, no! It was spectacular, no, no! Ultra-amazing-spectacular-great! No! No! No! It was so indescribable that she was absolutely speechless! She gasped. It was an amazing sight.

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