Love never dies

They were soul mates. But he's being chased. Will their love survive?

Written for the Valentines competition.


1. The End

The metal mouth gaped at me, the rim pressing into my temple. It was cold and hard, a small machine of death, that would soon bring my life to an end. I closed my eyes, quaking and barely able to hold myself up straight, as I thought about the events that had brought me to this situation.


It was love at first sight. I'd met him in the street, me bumbling along like a fool, not looking where I was going. He bumped into me, sending me crashing to the ground. As he pulled me to my feet, his eyes caught mine. They pulled me in, just like in those stupid movies I hated, and I couldn't pull away. We became instantly inseperable, our hands rarely left each others. We were in love; that was the only way I can possibly word it.

We got on so well - we seldom argued. We saw each other every day, and promptly became familiar with each other. I thought I knew him; thought I knew every aspect of his mind. As I said, I was in love.

It was one summer day, when the sun was scorching down, practically cooking me. We were lying in a field, butterflies skipping around our heads, bees happily stealing pollen from flowers. He looked over at me. "People are after me." He looked into my eyes, gaging my reaction. "People want to kill me." I was speechless. He hugged me, and said no more. We continued life as normal. For now. 

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