Valentine's Dinner

A simple valentine's dinner... or is it? Yes, it is... or is it?


1. Valentine's Dinner

We sit


Outside the wind groans its displeasure,

Twisting the trees into grotesque shapes,

Clouds slither over the moon,

Secretive, devious, stifling its pearlescent glow


A single candle flickers in the darkness

Throwing shadows across the wall

Together we sit, silence looming

Like a plague, thick and menacing


The stench of burning rose petals

Fills the air

As the love we once knew

Disappears, twirling in the wind


And as we curse, and scream and cry

The plates smash, cracking like the foundations of trust

Wine spills, thick and crimson

Crimson like the blood oozing from my heart


But realisation hits your face

As your eyes go wide, face pale

Ashen like the ghost of our intimacy

As you stare at the vial, one crystalline drop


Remains, azure like the eyes

Of him, the thief of devotion

Of the one whom you flew with, when my wings were clipped

The one who fuelled the passion in your heart


And as you topple, like our tower of affection

And your last breath escapes, free of its confines

So too am i, for now i am liberated

From having you watch


As i start my slow descent into death,

For two vials emptied that day,

The day i found out

Just what he had done to you



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