The Weapon

For most people happiness is being with there famillys or winning money.
For me happiness is a distraction. Its something that can only stall and obscure my goals. I am not normal. My examiners say I am there greatest achievement. The goverment says I am their key to victory.
I say I'm project 2.0....
I am a weapon.


1. Infiltration

I awoke in a dark chamber with the only distraction being my own presence. The door near the back of the chamber opened and the blinding light flooded in. I neared the edge and looked down to see a dense jungle sprawling below me. It was time. The aircraft began to lower to a small tarmac platform. As I excited ten men with body armour and weapons approached me. Id figured out what to do before I touched the ground. Then before they could react I jetted towards them and launched a sharp punch into the side of the leaders mask cripling him and leaving his gun exposed, I picked it up and fired nine bursts of three rounds into the remaining guards. I stood emotionless as they fell to the floor I continued through the door into the facility. I whipped out a handgun and continued around the corner. They were completely oblivious of my presence and quickly dispatched them before taking a keycard and proceding into the primary surveilance room. I quickly identified the screens and preceded to turning of the power plunging the entire facility into darkness. I delved further into the facility always aware of the footsteps of passing guards. I quickly found the testing room, mainly due to the fact that I had memerised the blueprints of the facility just before the flight. I took out my flashlight and quickly found the item i was looking for. I opened the door to the chamber and heard the gasping breaths of the three guards inside the room, this was to easy. I preceeded to finishing off the already terrified guards. I pulled out the keycard i obtained earlier and put it in the monolith. It was an honuruble sight as the data chip rose up from the monolith. I quickly snatched the chip and proceeded to the landing pad in which my transport had been waiting for the passing half hour. I entered the back of the aircraft and took the suit in the back as the rear closed and once again plunged the room into darkness.

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