Judgement day

Love poem


1. Judgement day



A single tear falls from my eye


Feeling your touch.

Blinds me in the moment,

Blinding me with your lust.


My words can't escape the silence.


Waiting for the truth to live.

But the lies are carved into my heart

With the knife you stabbed me with.


My photograohs are fading.

Memories can barely be heard.

I'm still waiting for your love,


Still cutting with your words.


My love,

It whispers in your ear, 

But I am yet to get a reply.

I can't wait forever- it kills me.

But i'll love you until the day

I die.


The clock ticks are over

But you can see right through my heart.

Love me,

Or kill me

With one single dart.


The sun is setting.

The end draws near.

My heartbreak is dead now.

I have no more fear.


My heart waits in the moonlight,

And that is where it shall stay.

Until I get my answer,

For Valentines is Judgement Day.

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