Speckled Iris

A romantic poem about a girl connecting with her love


1. Speckled Iris

The candles slightly hiss as the cold draft passes

Your body shaped like perfection providing the only warmth

With soft kisses and rough skin my body becomes exposed

My hands slightly shaking as my pupils expand in disbelief

Your golden skin so close to mine that we become one

Entwined like nettles, safe as the deep, black sky

How I’ve waited for this moment, this exact sensation

Shivers of excitement and touches of meaning

You raise me higher than I’ve ever been before

It's as if you could reach my soul

Perhaps you already have and awakened me to my senses

Shown me that this white cloud is gentle

That loud noises are sometimes soothing for the ears

And as my tense hands release your sculpted body

The natural light cannot resist your radiance

And I am guilty of the same innocence

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