Love is...

This poem describes qualities o love and what love means to me. It also talks about how precious it is.


1. Love

Love Is...

Love is a precious trust that we all need to survive; And love itself is more powerful than any other emotion. Love is amazing; it can make you feel alive, Although it is calm and peaceful like the ocean.

Love is often mistaken for a dark, frail sentiment, But it is more of a boundless bond that can never be broken. Love is an extraordinary object with amorous intent, With loving that is always and forever bespoken.

Love is a constant relationship and comfort, a great oath, It binds a couple together for life; An endless adoration that shows love and its infinite growth. Love; the only thing that can save you from pain and strife.

Love is a passion that burns inside you, Nothing can penetrate it, nothing put it out. Love is an amazing power to be bestowed upon you; Love is something you can’t doubt, it’s something you should shout.

Love is the only thing you’ll ever need, You will hunger for its soft, tender touch. Love is the best thing in life; it always takes the lead, Love each other friend or foe, to ask, it’s not that much.

Live and in peace and love each other, Take care of them and show respect and revere. Treat as you would treat your mother, For, after all, you should hold everyone dear.

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