Is this love or hate?

This is about a girl who dreams about what love really is. She actually has an abuser and one day she trys to fix things- will it be permanant.


1. Real love?

Like soothing doves, your love embraces me,

Radient streams ravish my craving heart,

I devour a buzz like yearning bees,

This tale is worth more than Da Vincis art,


Then the dream fades and reality's back,

The dark side of the moon is His real heart,

Battering my bones, doting me with slack,

Carries wickedness around- Satan's cart,


But I want this vision to continue,

So I try to make amends with my relation,

Suddenly I see a brighter blue,

For now I am without frustration,


He captures me violently in his grace,

Then embraces me, like an exaggerating snake,

Slinking His arm around my neck, I feel no love, only neglect,

He then smiles and now I am like the Costa Concordia ship- wrecked.

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