what a girl wants in a boy...

a poem on what a girl looks for and recieves from a guy in a relationship.


1. what we want...

       We do not want any more or any less,

        than a guy that will give us his best.


   Give us his heart and soul to hold so tight,

 and let us return the favour by loving him right.


Someone that will show us his emotions, his feelings, his pain;   

           so when we say we know him; it will not be in vain.


We want no more, and you know, really no less,                                

than a love that we will hopefully not have to test.


       Someone who we can depend on to always be there;

       a guy that can always make us smile, always to care.


        A friend that can and will joke around and hangout,

   a guy that when in the relationship will not make us doubt.


                   We want no more and really no less;

     than a man that will strive to always give us his best.

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