Dust of Dawn

This is something I was writing a while back, I really like it, but I ran out of inspiration. I really hope you guys will enjoy it!

Amy is a fay, a fay like no other. And a fay with a talent for trouble, these troubles is the cause for her sect's and her grandmother's worry, for not only does she have a talent for trouble, she has a talent for ALL the elements, and someday she will save all fays.


1. Caught

”Amy, no you can’t do this! We have to go back, now!” Claire looked around, like she was afraid someone would find us, I thought her stupid to do so. “What if somebody catches us? I don’t like it.” Her hushed voice told me she was about to crap her pants, but I didn’t care.

“We won’t get caught, I promise. Now shut up, I can’t hear anything!” I turned back to the heavy wooden door, and pressed my ear intently against it. The wood was cold but my glittering skin didn’t care. Then I heard them.

“Agatha, you must understand, it is crucial that we keep her safe and out of reach from anyone! If she gets caught we’re doomed!” I could hear Trilons heavy, raspy voice; it had been worn out with the centuries he had lived.

“I don’t care you are not touching my granddaughter!” With a shock I realized they were talking about me, and they wanted to do something to me, but grandma wouldn’t allow it. I did get that they wanted me to stay here but what was all this about me getting caught? I had never put a foot out of line, well only once today anyway. I turned to Claire, and she stared back with wide eyes, when the council talked about someone it was a big deal.

“You are one of the elders, the oldest one! You have to trust us on this; we have to take them away from her.” I could hear the desperation in his voice, and also feel my grandmother’s anger welt trough the door.

“YOU ARE NOT PULLING OUT HER WINGS!” Her old but fierce and powerful voice boomed, and made the door quiver slightly. I threw myself away from the door and lay down on the wooden floor. I could feel the vomit in my mouth, and had to control myself not to gag in the hall. Claire also looked a little green; despite her usual shade of glittering lush green.

“Pulling out wings? That’s barbaric!” she whispered, looking faint. Now I knew why my grandmother had hovered over me the past week or so, not because I was going to make trouble but because I was already in trouble.

“Yes but not unheard of.” I said my voice back in place. In our history class we had heard of many ways to torture fays, or as humans call us, fairies. Our only difference from humans are; our wings, colored and glittery skin, size, and our magic abilities. Of course human kind had been trying to catch us ever since they learned our existence. We had feared them for a long time and the only person who can remember the time when we didn’t have to hide, died two months ago, at the impressive age of five hundred and sixty two, old for even our kind whose lifespan is normally about four hundred. That was the time when we had to hide our existence all over, and split up in many groups, which were shattered all over the world. And each sect had a bunch of leaders, or “the council”. But all that with pulling out wings hadn’t been used for centuries, and the mere thought was so appalling it would make anyone sick.

“You don’t think they would bring that back, as a punishment?” Claire asked, while clutching her chest like her heart was going to fall out.

“No.” I said firmly. “They wouldn’t do that. Like you said, it’s barbaric.” I could feel the anger bubble inside me, I was fed up. Honestly I never had liked this place, but why in the world would they pull out my wings? I had never done anything that bad. And I couldn’t be about protecting me, for I had no special powers, no powers at all. There was a slither of pipe vines, led by Claire, coming in through the window.

“Let’s go. I can’t stay here much longer I drives me insane.” Claire beckoned for me to come with her. I did, I went over to the open arch, where the vines tangled around me and slowly brought me down out the window. Claire is lucky, her whole family is earth fays and has the ability to grow and move plants with simple mind work and some gestures. She is very gifted, and far ahead for our age. I didn’t really need to be lifted down, but I just couldn’t seem to get my wings to work. When we finally hit the ground (a little hard, she wasn’t that good) I quickly darted over to the little wall that showed the human world, and I sat down. I looked at the giant trees, they were so beautiful. With the sun in the horizon gleaming red and orange on the place making it look magical, and with the huge river it was even more fantastic. Claire came over to sit next to me.

“It’s not your fault you know. Your grandmother seems to be fighting for you and trust me I wouldn’t want to go against her.” She looked concerned, and that annoyed me. Always with the care! Everyone seemed to think they knew what I was thinking, when they in fact always were wrong!

“I know it’s not my fault, I never thought it was! I don’t get it though, why would they be discussing me? It makes no sense.” I looked around searching for the answer, hoping it would pop up in front of me.

“I don’t get it ether, but you can always ask your grandmother she always knows the right thing to say. In this case she is part of the answer you are looking for.” Claire said encouragingly. I smiled at her and she smiled back. There was the sound of a door opening above us and I gave a little start. I knew it was them before they had descended from the long round staircase, it was a tower with only one purpose so it really couldn’t be anybody else.

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