Remember me

Do you remember the way life were


1. Remember You and I




Remember me


Do you remember what you used to say to me?

That love would find it's way to me,

As long as i keep on believing.


Do you remember the way you told me?

Laying in your bed beside me.

You and I were forever in love, at least we pretented to be.


Do you remember how you felt that moment?

A part of understading and acceptance with life.

The cosiness although heartbreak by realising love has gone.


Do you really remember the times?

The tenderness and carefulness in your voice.

But all with the same glance in your eyes.


Do you remember the times?

The times apart, the times in pain and suffering.

You and I hundreds of miles apart, but still in one mind.


I think of the words you used to say.

I think of what you told me, and what i felt.

But that is only something beside you.

I did not pretend, I really loved you.


Copyright: Lucas Leon Randrup - 07/02 - 2012


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