Your Love

A poem about love and all the forms of love and how it gets to us.


1. Your Love

Your Love

Your sweet talk and clichés
Your flirting makes me giggle.
We talk 24/7 
And I close my eyes and listen.

Your the first I talk to every morning,
and the last I think about at night.
We're a perfect couple together,
Mr and Mrs Right.

You comment on my pictures,
and tell me I'm beautiful.
We give each other nicknames,
and I feel like I'm a Queen.

We go on dates,
and talk on the phone.
You're like the air i need to live.
You tell me I'm the one,
and I always believe that.

We kiss and hug.
Laugh and cry.
You say you'll never let me go.
We'll be together forever,
and my love for you will grow.
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