The truth about Amelia White

Amelia's life is full of unexpected turns and twists which are haunting her future. Her past lies unknown with no friends and a family who are not who they seem. Amelia must discover her past and what really happended to her family. Secrets, lies, truth and honesty are to be revealed once she reveals her past which lies unforgotten. Amelia must decided whether her family are telling the truth or just lies all along. Amelia no hope to discover her past, she must find out the truth and put the lies behind her. With secrets locked behind walls and a family you don't know whether to trust them or not. Amelia must seek out the truth before it is too late and her life will be unknown forever...


1. kidnappers

My hands were shaking with fear as I turned the handle of the old, brass door. Locked. The bolts of these doors must be pretty hard I thought. I was desperate to find a safe escape outside this old, abandoned warehouse. I was hoping and praying for my family to notice I had gone missing. The thought of leaving all those family memories behind was captured in my mind. It had been around several minutes since I was trapped in this cold, dark room. I tried to see through-out the window but, unfortunately it had been boarded up. The room was frail and cold with no comfort around me. I could see the dampness of the stone-cold walls trickling along the concrete flooring.         The atmosphere around me was icy cold and I had mixed emotions inside me wondering whether to panic or be anxious. The door in front of me suddenly burst open with a man and women glaring at me with murderous eyes. I stumbled back shaking with the evil stare in his eyes, I backed away, hoping he wouldn’t hurt me or at least try to harm me. “Come here!” he yelled loudly. “Ok” I replied quiet as a mouse feeling very timid and fragile. I moved forward slowly. “Look, follow me and there will be no problem against you and I.” I followed the man slowly out of the room; my heart was racing, questions running through my mind. Where was he taking me? The lady following him had a cold stare enough to give you the chills. “In here!” he ordered with a bony, beckoned finger. We entered a small room with very dim lighting. There was a large amount writing scrawled across the walls. In the centre of the room was an old, antique desk and chair, stood opposite was a small wooden chair which looked very uncomfortable for one to sit upon. He glanced at the small, wooden chair and pointed at it, as if to say “sit!” “Now then, listen to me carefully, if you don’t do as you are told you will regret everything you said and did since you were born!” snapped the woman. “Sure, now what do you want me to do?” I replied anxiously. “Oh no, it’s not what we want you to do, it’s what we don’t want you to do.” She yelled. “I am slightly confused, what do you mean?” “We want you to never tell anybody that we caught you here!” “Why?” “If anybody finds out, we will be in a lot of trouble.”

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