The beginning of the end.

Ever wondered what it would be like if one morning, you wake up, and the world as you know it has been turned upside down by a deadly infection that kills people, but causes them not to stay dead? 14 year old Nick has just woken up to this nightmare. And unfortunately, this bad dream will never end...


1. How it all began.

Nick awakened to the screams of his little brother. 

"What the..." he said to himself. He could have been dreaming. Suddenly, he heard the screams again. Barely conscious, Nick began to climb down the stairs of his singular bunk bed. He half stumbeld, half ran, through to his brothers room. On top of the bed, the babysiter was strangleing his brother.

"Whats happening?!" Nick yelled.His little brother, Darren, had stopped screaming, and had resorted to gargling, because of the babysitters vice like grip wrapped around his throat. The babysiter ignored him, and carried on strangleing the nine year old by. The babysiter was a woman that was about 65 years old, but was acting like a lion that has just pounced on a deer. Druel began to drip from her mouth on to Darrens face.

"Stop!" Nick cried. But the babysiter didn't acknowladge his shout. Nick rapidly climbed the stairs to Darrens bed, and grappled the woman.He pulled at her,but this did almost nothing. The babysiter wolud not move her hands. Her eyes were transfixed on the young boy. Nick again pulled at the woman, but again without success. Although, the babysiters hands loosened around Darrens neck. The blueness dissapeared from Darrens face, giving him enough air to let out a humungous scream. But instead of flinching, the woman smiled. But whilst the crazy womans hands were less tight around Darrens neck, Nick spotted his chance. He gave one last ginormus tug, wich launched the babysiter off the bed, and on to the floor beneath.

"Are you OK?" panted Nick. The young boy just lay there for a few seconds. He was obviously traumatized by the assult.

"I... I'm OK." he stuttered.Tears were still lying on his face, and so did a bit of druel. Whilst catching his breath, Nick looked over the side of the bed. He just stared at the horrific scene below. Darren seen him staring, and followed his older brothers gaze. He looked at the body of the babysiter.

"I'm no doctor,"said Darren, "but I don't think her arm is supposed to bend that way."


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