Modern Young Love

This is a kind of question poem about young people and love.


1. The Questions young people face

Young people constantly wonder,

What is love?

 Where will I find it?

When will I find it?


Some Young people think they know what love is,

They think will I fall in love?

Will someone fall in love with me?

But do they really know what love is?


Some Young people think they know where to find love,

They think should I go and find it?

Do I want to find love?

A lot of them think, Is it scary?


Some young people have already found love,

Maybe they have passed it in the street?

Maybe they sat in the same room as it?

Maybe they have been looking for it and always missing it?


So some young people do know what love is,

Some know where to find it,

Some have found it,

But do young people need it?Or do they want it?

Because when young people chase after love or run away from it,

Do they really know what they are chasing or running away from?

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