A Lesson in Love

A poem based on young love.


1. A Lesson in Love

Son, when I was your age I would give my life,

To fall in love truly was all I could think.

And that's when I met your mother who was the girl of my dreams,

The loveliest woman that I'd ever seen.


Son, I hope you learn one day because life can do terrible things.


These were the days that were the time of our lives,

We'd laugh at our mistakes and never say goodbye.

We'd stare at the stars and share everything,

We were too young to notice and too dumb to care,

because love was a story that couldn't compare.


Son, I hope you learn one day,

I'll hope and I'll pray because life life can do terrible things.

One day, she said "There's something I have to tell you,

it seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks.

Please, please don't be sad, I really believe you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me..."

Son! Don't fall in love there's just too much to lose,

just walk away and don't let it get you. I couldn't bare to watch the same thing happen to you.


I only told you this because life does terrible things.

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