Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

Despite their differences, will the prettiest rose and the unpleasant weed fall in love?

A short, descriptive writing pieced based on love and conflict.


1. Energy

The revitalizing, morning breeze weaved through the golden daffodils, gently stroking the blossom off of the branches. Such a grotesquely beautiful landscape can only be created by Mother Nature; a landscape that sets a moment in history- a new beginning.

As we sat on the exhausted garden bench, fragile with age, the open kitchen window allowed wafts of the sweet aroma of black coffee roam within our bodies. The unwanted weed and the prettiest rose in the garden never fell into the unfathomable expedition, commonly known as love.

“Come closer” the rose whispered, magically; the sweet whisper was only a fraction louder than the cool, calm breeze that tip-toed fluently around us. The weed’s wilted arms entwined with the roses secure hold, our lips met and my heartbeat lost its sense of rhythm. Agitated energy crammed the atmosphere making it difficult to respire. Pleasant stinging sensations echoed through us. Our veins and arteries that viscously pumped power within us were beginning to erupt. Life and colour was emitted excitedly around the emerald canvas, overflowing it with pungent creations. As the pretty rose slowly crept away from the unwanted weed’s supple lips, the once wilted and worthless weed had now become secure and strong. The brilliant, daylight sun was soon approaching the warmth and tenderness of the evening sun and lives on the now vivid canvas were thick with fatigue. Two opposites, the rose and the weed, were permanently bonded; surely nothing had the sheer strength break them apart…

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