My Missing Heart

A girl who is waiting for love.


1. My Missing Heart Poem

Empty hearted this February, Wanted someone to hold my hand, Give me roses as red as blood, But that special person has not come.

I was told when you find love, Your life and world is complete, Just like a jigsaw puzzle, But for me that was not the case, Never did I find love, Neither was my world complete.

I hope he comes soon, Waiting outside my door, As the day of love is coming soon, Like roses are red and violets are blue, I will know that you are true, The one I will love with all my might, The one who will sacrifice his life, For this love to last long and stay strong.

When will he come?

I know he will come soon, With red roses and dark chocolates too, With cuddly bears holding hearts, And lots of kisses and lovely hugs, But just for me he’ll give a treat, I will receive the man of my dreams, All on the sweet day of valentines, The cupid will strike his arrow of love, And make my world complete at last.

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