Understand Me


1. Understand Me

Understand me

Infinity guides us together Alone we cannot live forever We need to be close wherever I must admit that you’re my only treasure.

The pain that I’ve gone through is painless For you it’s a feeling of shame and restless You can never feel the ache I’ve felt before I wish you understood the sting I’ve still got.

I hope you one day understand me The disgrace and embarrassment inside me I wish you would change this mode Within me I feel like an emptied soul

The wound in my heart is now growing In my head I feel like I’m corroding My glow is slowly fainting In my heart, it feels like its melting

My dreams have encouraged me deeply I wish my life could have been more keenly A family to give me love and affection I can care for and give you loads of attention

You have to keep trying to save me This hole is larger and growing to take me There aren’t much years to obtain me So please understand me, and aid me

Grasp me and tell me you love me I won’t hurt you, just make you adore me I’m your angel I promise you, I’m warming I need you, to help me keep on and get going.


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